I've had good luck twice (for two separate locations) buying a Davis VP2 
off Craigslist for =< $ 300, and using the belfryboy cables.

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 7:55:53 PM UTC-5, RobbH wrote:
> I probably sound like a noob, but I've been using Weewx nearly four years 
> with various Oregon Scientific equipment, currently a WMR200 console and 
> sensors that were bundled with the WMR100. I'm weary of the flaky sensors 
> and ready to move to something more reliable. I've read enough to 
> understand that Davis is the way to go, but I'd like to try to get by for 
> $300 or less, if there are any viable options.
> I need separate sensors, not an all in one, since the rain gauge and 
> thermometer/hygrometer need to be in different locations. Wireless is a 
> necessity. And I really want something that will feed data directly to the 
> computer (an old MSI Wind nettop running Debian Jessie 32-bit) instead of 
> uploading to a distant server. For bonus points, a solution that would 
> allow mounting wind sensors in a location that's not easily accessible 
> would be ideal.
> Davis Vantage Pro2 looks very enticing, but it's nearly $500, and I gather 
> the Weatherlink is required for interfacing with a computer, bringing the 
> total to around $600. Is this correct, or is there a cheaper way to get the 
> results I want?
> I'm a bit bewildered by the options available and the hidden pitfalls. 
> Thanks for any serious responses!

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