There's this on the subject that Martijn posted a little while ago,
but maybe someone on the list might have more comments.

The main technical issues are to ensure that you use detatched models
& to try & be careful that you're not inadvertantly holding references
to instances of things that might themselves hold large amounts of
data in your pages.  Of course, it's often not obvious that that's the

I've not tried it myself for a long time, but maybe running the app
under a profiler would help to with checking this particular issue -
must try when I get some spare time...


On 09/08/06, Sebastjan Trepca <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all!
> We're starting a new project that will be quite big (1-2 million users) so
> now I'm choosing a web framework to use.
> It seems that Wicket is a very good framework but what worries me is the
> performance and scalability. I installed wicket-examples on my machine and
> stress-tested them a bit, just for curiosity, and always got OutOfMemory
> error which didn't look very promising. Then I read about detached models
> and created a project using them and it didn't crash anymore, but still,
> memory was quite high.
> Now I searched thru wiki and didn't find any other tips about performance
> etc.
> So, do you have any tips for me, on design level or maybe links to other
> docs, whatever really :)
> Thank you, Sebastjan

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