> It sure seems that sessions are used heavily, but i knew that anyway,
> from documentation.

I don't think that sessions are used heavily compared to other
web-apps. The difference is that Wicket does most of the Sessions
tasks for you and it is consistent whereas with Struts etc you end up
doing everything yourself. From my experience, many web-apps end up
with much worse session usage as it is a developers tasks compared to
a similar Wicket app. In Wicket, we try to keep the developer in
control, but most standard session use case are already in place.
Overall and IMO it makes Session handling and usage much saver in the
long run. I don't have hard figures, but I think that Wicket web apps
don't use more session memory than any other normal web-app (no matter
which framework) which implements the same business functionality. Of
course there are always well-tuned apps which do it better, but I
think Wicket does a decent job for most use cases.


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