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> For me in these debates about funding, which often present the staff on
> side pushing to reduce the relative power and centrality of chapters on
> side and chapter representatives pushing the opposite way on the other
> side, there is always a little mystery about the role and interests of the
> people commenting.
> While some posters point out that they speak in a personal capacity, few
> offer a disclosure about their personal interests in the funding debate...
> but I would find it both enlightening and interesting if those expressing
> opinions about budgets would disclose whether they receive a salary or
> other financial benefit (including travel, conference fees, etc.) from the
> WMF.
> I would like to know, without further research, if someone arguing that
> chapters should get more money is dependent on a salary drawn from that
> pool of money. Since the list archives form a public record and not all
> list subscribers know everyone else, it would be very helpful if posters
> considered including this kind of a disclosure in posts where it may be
> meaningful.

Well, it's actually pretty straightforward. For members of the Board of
Trustees, FDC and AffCom, as well as Board members of all Chapters. All of
us are volunteers. We do not get any salary from Chapters or Foundation. In
short, we do the work we do here for free.

In our capacity as "members", and in order to allow us to fulfill our
duties towards the organisations/committees that we are part of and thus
towards the Wikimedia movement, we do get some or all of our travel
expenses and/or attendance fees for Wikimedia conferences reimbursed out of
"movement funds" (chapters or foundation budgets) insofar as our presence
in an official capacity is deemed useful.

Hope this clarifies the strange notion you seem to be putting forward of
anyone of those of us *speaking in a personal capacity* having any kind of
financial benefit.


(Speaking in her capacity as Delphine, you know, the not-a-fish)
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