No. You may want to look at
this does not include keeping things secret just because someone said
"let's keep this secret". The exact opposite is true, if you are in a
trusted public position then you must show leadership for integrity,
honesty and openness even if this does mean explaining your actions
that you thought would stay in-camera under a "gentleman's agreement".
To do otherwise, as has been readily demonstrated by the history of UK
Government political networks, corrupts the movement by turning the
"higher ranks" into an Old Boys Club who are more likely to find ways
to cover up for each other, rather than be seen to be accountable.

It goes on to spell out that [Chapter Trustees] "are accountable for
their decisions and actions to the public and must submit themselves
to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office." Calling Tomasz a
troll as a way of dismissing a serious question about statements made
in meetings that Wikimedia donors paid for about the volunteer
community is not unreasonable. Had whomever said these things, came
forward and explained their point of view, in the same way as the
always delightful Christophe Henner has in this thread, then they
would have my respect and be seen to comply with the Nolan principles.

In comparison to Christophe's openness, Chris Keating's responses to
good faith questions about this workshop before it happened,[1] in
particular his blatantly dismissive replies to long term Wikimedian
well known activist Effeietsanders, seem well below how we expect
someone who has formally signed up to the Nolan principles as part of
the UK trustee code[2] to behave. As Michael Maggs is the one with a
duty as the UK Chairman to enforce this code, I am sure folks will be
welcome to ask him about these matters, and his expectation for
behaviour from his board members, both when in closed or open meetings
or on this email list, during the open meetings at the Wikimedia
Conference later this week. I hope such a discussion does not get
turned around into "how do we stop Tomasz from trolling us by asking
difficult questions".



On 7 April 2014 15:44, Béria Lima <> wrote:
>> *"@Fae:  I  do  not  think  that  it  is  within the spirit of the Nolan
>> Principles  to  break  a  promise given to participants..."*
> I'm sorry but quote someone on a on-line journal does not break the promise
> of secrecy? If they speak believing they would never be quoted, put their
> words on the Wikipedia Signpost isnt breaking that?
> _____
> *Béria Lima*
> *Imagine um mundo onde é dada a qualquer pessoa a possibilidade de ter
> livre acesso ao somatório de todo o conhecimento humano. Ajude-nos a
> construir esse sonho. <>*
> On 7 April 2014 09:53, eLib Project <> wrote:
>> Hey all!
>> As  I have been helping out with wikipedias from time to time, here my
>> 5 cent:
>> @Fae:  I  do  not  think  that  it  is  within the spirit of the Nolan
>> Principles  to  break  a  promise given to participants... there is no
>> trade-off    possible    between   the   principles for the principles
>> (Leadership, Honesty, Integrity  Selflessness Objectivity vs Openness,
>> Accountability ?!).   That  is,   after   all   the   basic   concept  of
>> principles  -  that  they  are even followed when you don't want to or
>> like to.
>> @discussion culture: To get to a decision, everyone must be allowed to
>> express  her/or  himself in a discussion without fearing repercussions
>> afterwards   -   otherwise  you  just  get  yes-people  who  will  not
>> participate   or   worse,   tell  you what you want to hear. Why it is
>> important to say something stupid like "fuck the community" is because
>> it came right from the inside, without prior going through a filter...
>> with   this   reaction  people will filter and you will not only loose
>> dumb but also intelligent contributions.
>> @future  (sarcasm  warning):   if   you   do  not  wish  this  sort of
>> comments,  just  say  so in a  general   sense - YES, it's possible to
>> get the message across without a  witch/wizard  hunt  and  even CHANGE
>> the  rules  for  the  next time... learning without burning... how the
>> world could have looked if this had been used more often...
>> Cheers,
>> gego
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