Dear all,

I beg your pardon, that I have quoted this statement in my blog.
As mentioned before, I had never intended to condemn anyone or even expose.

It served me merely to illustrate the various points of view. The fact that
this statement was highly exaggerated and was expressed in a moment of
excitement, should be clear for each by now.

Relating to the terms of the previously agreed-upon rules for this
workshop *("You
are OK to use and share the knowledge you gain, but not to make
confidential details public. So you can say afterwards "I know a chapter
had X problem and this is what they did and it did/didn't work". But it
would not be OK to post on an email list afterwards "I heard Wikimedia XX
had a treasurer called Joe Bloggs who stole all their money - what a bunch
of idiots".")* [1] I thought it was OK this way. I suppose I should have
been even more carefully.



2014-04-07 16:52 GMT+02:00 Federico Leva (Nemo) <>:

> Craig Franklin, 07/04/2014 13:16:
>  I really have to wonder, do we want a community where the leaders have to
>> be so anodyne, colourless, and always "on message" that the occasional
>> "spirited" remark results in the Spanish Inquisition?
> Dunno, but... reminds me of a certain recent event at Mozilla.
> Nemo
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