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> On 8/28/14, 2:55 PM, Jane Darnell wrote:
>> You can start by asking around in your own circle of aquaintance, and I'll
>> bet that such research will make you quickly realize that hard stats will
>> be very hard to discover, since in my circle, most of the women I know are
>> married and though their household contains a desktop, the desktop is
>> owned
>> and operated by their husband, not them.
> This kind of analysis varies quite widely by country and community, so I
> would be wary of making wide generalizations. You say that "most of the
> women I know are married", but your experience would be unusual here
> (Denmark), because the hard statistics show that most adult women (and
> men) in the country are not married. Clearly other countries' statistics
> (and statistics for demographic subsets of the same) will show other
> numbers.
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> Mark

I know widowers, unmarried people and same-sex married couples and
almost no heterosexual married couples; hetero marriage seems a lot
less popular these days. All the women I know either have their own
machine or are uninterested in accessing the internet.

I honestly cannot think of any women in my circle of friends and
acquaintances that rely on a husband or partner to access the
internet, it is something I would find truly weird and would worry
that the husband was being over-controlling. Though I have one friend
that relies on free public internet for his access for cost reasons.

I have a relative stuck long term in a London hospital where they
charge her 7 quid a day for internet access, which she cannot afford
so she relies on visitors to do stuff on the internet and will spend
her days reading books instead; I find that particularly shocking and
I have never heard of Wikimedia being a champion for the right to free
internet in hospitals - in the 1st world, that should be a lot easier
to negotiate than the internet zero stuff in the developing world.

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