The issue is not just that individual users may want to opt out, it's
whether it should be activated by default for readers. There is also the
matter of licensing information.

I'm not aware of where "thermonuclear was was threatened". There were, and
continues to be, discussion about forking. MV is merely the latest
occurrence of products with major problems being pushed into production and
made default. That needs to be addressed, and the fact that the problems
with MV happened after AFT5 and VE *and* after the creation of the
Engineering Community Liaisons suggests deep, long-term problems with
product development. I believe that Lila said that the Board wants her to
transform WMF and I am glad that there seems to be agreement that Product
will be an early subject of transformation. I have reservations about
forking for reasons that I can explain if necessary. It would be a lot
easier if WMF would transform itself, starting with Product, and Lila
appears to intend to make this happen. I hope that the processes for
Product will be democratic and consensus-based. Grantmaking has already
demonstrated the effectiveness of community-based decision making with FDC
and IEGCom, and I hope to see a similar model emerge for Product. If it
doesn't, there is enough anger in the community, especially on DEWP, that a
fork is possible. The community is smart enough collectively to figure out
a way to make a fork happen, and some of us have been discussing the
mechanics of how this would work. We could do it, but reforming WMF is
preferable. I hope that Lila can and will do this. Internal transofmration
is preferable to replacing WMF.

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