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>> Actually, under Sue Gardner, the offer was that if the chapter did
>> change its ways, it would become a payment processor again. As a
>> trustee at that time, who was sent all the correspondence, this was
>> exactly what was put in writing.
> And did you believe her ?
> Mathias

No, I and another trustee made that exceedingly clear.

Though I was a trustee, I was excluded by the then Chairman from the
vote on how we proceeded. It was a truly nasty way to conduct the
matter. A procedurally and legally recorded vote of the board was
never held, something that I strongly complained about at the time.
This was never corrected nor was there ever a personal apology. I
would hope that the current board behaves differently with trustees
who might oppose the "party line", though as that same trustee is
still on the board, I guess meaningful governance reform has yet to
happen. Every indication shows that politics and PR are still
considered more important than public transparency and honesty to the

I have raised this before, but I think it's too "non-positive" a
"non-success" to get anywhere with the way the charity that I helped
to create works today. My reward for being concerned about the
organization, is that I am no longer allowed to be a voting member of
the UK charity.

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