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> I regret that Fae has thought it necessary to bring his personal grievance
> against the UK chapter and one specific individual over to the Wikimedia-l
> mailing list now that he is unable to make such comments on the
> Wikimedia-UK list or the WMUK website.   I would hope that the moderators
> will consider whether providing a platform for this type of attack is
> conducive to the health of the Wikimedia movement.
> Best regards
> Michael

I don't really see any sort of attack in what Fae has written; but is
posting his opinion and information gained from his own time as trustee of
Wikimedia UK. If you want to refute what he has to say, then do so. But
what you are essentially asking for is an echo chamber.

A question has been raised on this list as it relates to WMUK, so all and
sundry should be able to provide information relating to it.

Perhaps, you as Chairman of WMUK, could explain to us all publicly why the
WMF is willing to forego approx $500,000 in gift aid and has pulled WMUK's
ability to accept donations, and therefore still be eligible for that gift
aid. Fae was essentially blamed, at least in the public eye, for all the
failings of WMUK in the past, however the decision by the WMF is only a
recent one, so there are still obvious failings at WMUK, and it can't be
attributed to Fae. It is absolutely right that questions be asked; but your
solution is to ban those who are asking the questions. That is not on.

I'd appreciate some sort of response from you Michael that does include ad
hominem attacks. Refer to
for where we should be (the top) and where we're at.


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