I don't want to be seen to be taking sides and don't intend to become
embroiled in WMUK internal politics (which is why I've never joined the

I've never received an explanation as to why around $500,000 of Gift Aid is
out of reach and unavailable to either WMUK or WMF, despite asking this be
dealt with at Wikimania 2014.

Are there easily explainable circumstances, legislation changes or new
rules which prevent donations to WMF to be processed in such a way as to be
eligible to collect Gift Aid ?

If not, why hasn't WMF set up a British office to collect this money in the
UK and/or why isn't WMUK processing payments and collecting Gift Aid this
year ? This is a significant portion of what WMF will spend in the UK (via
WMUK's request from the FDC) and would have made up to $500,000 available
to spend elsewhere, either UK and/or globally.

The Institute of Fundraising suggests overseas charities fundraising in the
UK should find a British charity that can act as a strategic partner, or
have a local office (see
). I understand the structure is quite different, but Greenpeace does this
through the UK based "Greenpeace Environmental Trust" which is a registered
charity and which can collect Gift Aid. The donations + Gift Aid are then
passed to "Greenpeace International" in Amsterdam, and that funds things
like the "Rainbow Warrior".

I would also appreciate analysis being conducted to see if the loss of Gift
Aid has deterred people in the UK from donating, because not collecting
Gift Aid is bad enough, but also losing donations would be entirely

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