Sorry, that of course should have read:

"I'd appreciate some sort of response from you Michael that does NOT
include ad hominem attacks."

I guess I've been a Wikimedian so long that ad hominem attacks are often
the norm, rather than the exception. Or it could have just been a
brainfart. I'll let the reader decide.


On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 11:52 PM, Russavia <>

> Michael,
> On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 11:36 PM, Michael Maggs <> wrote:
>> I regret that Fae has thought it necessary to bring his personal
>> grievance against the UK chapter and one specific individual over to the
>> Wikimedia-l mailing list now that he is unable to make such comments on the
>> Wikimedia-UK list or the WMUK website.   I would hope that the moderators
>> will consider whether providing a platform for this type of attack is
>> conducive to the health of the Wikimedia movement.
>> Best regards
>> Michael
> I don't really see any sort of attack in what Fae has written; but is
> posting his opinion and information gained from his own time as trustee of
> Wikimedia UK. If you want to refute what he has to say, then do so. But
> what you are essentially asking for is an echo chamber.
> A question has been raised on this list as it relates to WMUK, so all and
> sundry should be able to provide information relating to it.
> Perhaps, you as Chairman of WMUK, could explain to us all publicly why the
> WMF is willing to forego approx $500,000 in gift aid and has pulled WMUK's
> ability to accept donations, and therefore still be eligible for that gift
> aid. Fae was essentially blamed, at least in the public eye, for all the
> failings of WMUK in the past, however the decision by the WMF is only a
> recent one, so there are still obvious failings at WMUK, and it can't be
> attributed to Fae. It is absolutely right that questions be asked; but your
> solution is to ban those who are asking the questions. That is not on.
> I'd appreciate some sort of response from you Michael that does include ad
> hominem attacks. Refer to
> for where we should be (the top) and where we're at.
> Regards,
> Russavia
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