Also, if anyone's interested in the latest news on Wikimedia UK's
governance, do have a look at our most recent governance audit - further
info here:

Some quotes include;

*“The charity has very largely addressed the 50 recommendations found
within the original review. WMUK has developed very quickly, and the
charity has clearly put a lot of effort into ensuring that its governance
now meets best practice expectations. It has a cohesive, skilled and
experienced board in place. They have a clear understanding of the
charity’s vision and mission”.*

*“For the stage that Wikimedia is in its life cycle it compares well with
similar UK charities. Its transparency about its procedures is a beacon of
best practice, and its conflicts of interest procedures are robust and



On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 6:22 PM, Michael Maggs <> wrote:

> Hi Nick
> Over the last few years the Foundation has decisively moved away from
> allowing local chapters to take part in the on-screen fundraiser,
> preferring to centralise the work in spite of the loss of the available
> local tax reliefs (such as Gift Aid in the UK).  Many chapters, including
> the UK, would have liked to have been part of the fundraiser, but the
> previous ED, Sue Gardner, determined that that would not be permitted.
> WMUK regretted that decision, and we responded to it here:
> We accept that decisions such as these are entirely within the WMF's
> remit, and we are now actively working on improving our ability - as
> recommended by the Foundation and the FDC -  to seek charitable funds
> directly from local sources, on which we can reclaim Gift Aid.
> Best regards
> Michael
> ____________
> Michael Maggs
> Chair, Wikimedia UK
>  Nick Birse <>
>> 5 December 2014 17:28
>> I don't want to be seen to be taking sides and don't intend to become
>> embroiled in WMUK internal politics (which is why I've never joined the
>> chapter).
>> I've never received an explanation as to why around $500,000 of Gift Aid
>> is
>> out of reach and unavailable to either WMUK or WMF, despite asking this be
>> dealt with at Wikimania 2014.
>> Are there easily explainable circumstances, legislation changes or new
>> rules which prevent donations to WMF to be processed in such a way as to
>> be
>> eligible to collect Gift Aid ?
>> If not, why hasn't WMF set up a British office to collect this money in
>> the
>> UK and/or why isn't WMUK processing payments and collecting Gift Aid this
>> year ? This is a significant portion of what WMF will spend in the UK (via
>> WMUK's request from the FDC) and would have made up to $500,000 available
>> to spend elsewhere, either UK and/or globally.
>> The Institute of Fundraising suggests overseas charities fundraising in
>> the
>> UK should find a British charity that can act as a strategic partner, or
>> have a local office (see
>> about-fundraising/raising-money-for-charities-abroad/
>> ). I understand the structure is quite different, but Greenpeace does this
>> through the UK based "Greenpeace Environmental Trust" which is a
>> registered
>> charity and which can collect Gift Aid. The donations + Gift Aid are then
>> passed to "Greenpeace International" in Amsterdam, and that funds things
>> like the "Rainbow Warrior".
>> I would also appreciate analysis being conducted to see if the loss of
>> Gift
>> Aid has deterred people in the UK from donating, because not collecting
>> Gift Aid is bad enough, but also losing donations would be entirely
>> unforgivable.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Nick
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