Sorry if I continue this discussion of January but it may be interesting to
share my experience had yesterday because I attended to a presentation of a
young programmer suffering from low vision and color-blind and usual
participant in

It has been interesting because we experienced how is the life of a person
studying and working in computer science but almost blind and we had the
opportunity to be in his shoes.

The first lesson learned is that blind (or almost blind) people use always
a software of speech synthesis with a speed that makes the audio
almost unintelligible
for not experienced people. The operating system provides several tools for
that including mobile OS.

The second lesson is that this software of speech synthesis is crucial for
them and they would set and control it. So forget the normal speed of audio
that everyone of us is experienced to use.

The third lesson is that a lot of them in general hears music with headset
and have the speech synthesis always on, if there is a third vocal
synthesis for them is more a problem than an advantage.

The fourth lesson learned is that Wikipedia is for them a well done web
site because the content is structured. It means that the Table of Content
at the start (so neglected by some graphical reasons) is fundamental for
them because they can easily jump in the section they need.

No one knew that I am from a Wikimedia chapter except the organizers and I
did several questions about Wikipedia because (I did not know it) it was
presented as "good" example of website for speech synthesis.

What can be improved, in my opinion it's only the "semantic" aspect of the
Wikipedia, so pushing more the attention on the structure of the page, and
the awareness that images are not useful for them. We must be aware that
some tools used in Wikipedia, like Captcha, are a real obstacle for blind
people, like stairs for people with wheelchairs.


On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 2:55 AM, James Heilman <> wrote:

> I guess I see this as making it easier for people to generate files to put
> on their ipod or for those with a limited ability to read who might not
> have figured out more complicated solutions. Those who are blind have
> likely already figured out good solutions. It is those of us who are
> sighted that need the help.
> I know that I personally would find such a button helpful. But through a
> great many steps I could likely figure out a work around. People prefer
> stuff that is simple.
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