2015-05-28 12:32 GMT+02:00 Richard Symonds <richard.symo...@wikimedia.org.uk>:
> This is a very enlightening discussion, but it's painfully apparent that
> there is no input in this discussion from someone who is sight-impaired, or
> input from an organisation like RNIB
> <http://www.rnib.org.uk/about-rnib/web-accessibility-statement>.
> Getting a wide range of this input is really key before this can go much
> further.

This is for sure a field were chapters and other local affiliates can
make good use of partnerships with local associations of blind or
sight-impaired people.

For exampla, In the Archeowiki project by Wikimedia Italia (developed
in the years 2012 - 2014) we did some outreach work with the Insituto
dei ciechi di Milano (Institute of Blind People of Milan, one of the
oldest charities/foundations in Italy, being founded in 1840). This
comprised some lessons about prehistoric, extra-European archaeology
done by groups of archaeologists and Wikipedia that were specifically
trained. In these lessons there were a set of artefacts that could be
touched and also some 3D printed reproduction.


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