Given the huge amount of work, the liability and legislative issues and
problems with transferring funds across international borders, I'm not
persuaded; having dozens of paid fundraising teams is not cost-effective by
any stretch of the imagination.  The process was stopped because it was
costing more money to raise funds that way, and as a movement it's very,
very difficult to justify the international level of fundraising in a way
that results in much higher costs.

Having said that, the Wikimedia movement calendar is becoming
increasingly complex. It is inevitable that there are going to be conflicts
between major local initiatives and major international-level initiatives;
these don't always involve fundraising, although they're probably the most
common group affected.  I think we really need to get better at scheduling
events and creating a solid movement-wide calendar that identifies major
activities, particularly those that rely significantly on site
advertising/banners/messaging for their success.  The further in advance a
potential conflict is identified, the more likely that good and effective
solutions to those conflicts can be put into place.  It would be really
helpful, for example, if the Fundraising calendar was published a year in
advance; chapters and other groups would probably find that really useful
in planning major local activities.

I this specific case, there's not much time left, and so it is time to look
for ways to lessen the impact of the scheduling conflict.


On 21 August 2015 at 16:22, Michael Peel <> wrote:

> From my perspective, this strikes me as part of the reason why national
> organisations are well suited to running the Wikimedia fundraising
> campaigns rather than a global organisation: if WMIT was organising both
> WLM and the national fundraising campaign, then this conflict wouldn't have
> arisen / could have been resolved locally.
> Thanks,
> Mike
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