I've been following the conference online and I congratulate the organisers
- some fascinating presentations and the videos are excellent. A link to
the videos:


I recommend Stuart Ray's insightful presentation at 4 hours 36 minutes on
day two (Saturday 10th), addressing Wikipedia's problematical relationship
with experts.

A couple of points.

1) I'd love to view or listen to a recording of the 45 minute
panel discussion held in the Jefferson Room at 12:15 on Saturday,
"Journalism and the Online Information Community: How Wikimedians Cover
Wikimedia." Was it recorded and will it eventually be put online?

2) Greg Kohs was banned from attending. I think that was a mistake. He is a
fierce critic of Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia. I am aware of the lines he has
crossed in the past (and the seemingly sincere apologies). Notwithstanding
those past crossed lines, and his propensity to walk very close to the edge
of propriety today, he has a valid critique and, along with those of more
temperate critics, his voice has a place in a truly comprehensive
conversation about this project.

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