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> 2) Greg Kohs was banned from attending. I think that was a mistake. He is a
> fierce critic of Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia. I am aware of the lines he has
> crossed in the past (and the seemingly sincere apologies). Notwithstanding
> those past crossed lines, and his propensity to walk very close to the edge
> of propriety today, he has a valid critique and, along with those of more
> temperate critics, his voice has a place in a truly comprehensive
> conversation about this project.
No one has replied to this, so I'll just say that I support the conference
organizers efforts to make conference events safe and comfortable for all
attendees. To me, safe is not a euphemism for censoring criticism; face to
face encounters inevitably involve the exchange of personal information,
and I can certainly understand why many people may hesitate to meet Greg in
person for that reason.

I don't know if this arrangement was contemplated for this year, but if
Greg or other critics with a difficult project history want to address
future conferences then perhaps the conference committee can consider
broadcasting taped remarks or videoconferencing sessions.
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