Thanks for that link Anthony - can't wait for the transcript to be added (I
tried grabbing it off streamtext but couldn't).  Stuart Ray lists several
things we know we should work on but don't: article ownership, deletions of
primary sources, only zero or negative feedback for valuable contributions,
COI policies for experts. I also liked his suggestions, and if you are
interested in the one about a controlled interface for adding good
information, see Sydney Poore's presentation the day before.

Sydney did a great job presenting her work for the Cochrane initiative and
I loved hearing about the link updates for existing medical articles on
English Wikipedia. Article creations in low-traffic areas are problematic,
but article updates may be even a bigger problem. What would be great is if
we could get this link-vetting solution working for other languages as

Her presentation at WIkiCon USA in D.C. yesterday is here (fast forward to
about 5 hours in)

On Sun, Oct 11, 2015 at 8:12 AM, Anthony Cole <> wrote:

> I've been following the conference online and I congratulate the organisers
> - some fascinating presentations and the videos are excellent. A link to
> the videos:
> I recommend Stuart Ray's insightful presentation at 4 hours 36 minutes on
> day two (Saturday 10th), addressing Wikipedia's problematical relationship
> with experts.
> A couple of points.
> 1) I'd love to view or listen to a recording of the 45 minute
> panel discussion held in the Jefferson Room at 12:15 on Saturday,
> "Journalism and the Online Information Community: How Wikimedians Cover
> Wikimedia." Was it recorded and will it eventually be put online?
> 2) Greg Kohs was banned from attending. I think that was a mistake. He is a
> fierce critic of Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia. I am aware of the lines he has
> crossed in the past (and the seemingly sincere apologies). Notwithstanding
> those past crossed lines, and his propensity to walk very close to the edge
> of propriety today, he has a valid critique and, along with those of more
> temperate critics, his voice has a place in a truly comprehensive
> conversation about this project.
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