Hi Pine,

I recall that several representatives at the User Group meetup at the WMCON
last spring noted that they would like to see more sessions that focused on
the needs of smaller affiliates, and I am glad that you brought it up.  It
would be great to start a list of the kinds of session topics or training
that smaller affiliates would like to see, as well as ways in which the WMF
can provide the attention or support you felt was lacking in previous



On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 3:00 AM, Pine W <wiki.p...@gmail.com> wrote:

> It's nice to see the recent momentum in the formation of user groups. Can
> Affcom shed some light on what may be causing the burst of announced
> formations?
> Relatedly, I'm wondering if the number of UGs is now so high that the
> budget and/or programmatic capacity of WMCON will be a bit stretched to
> accomodate all of the UGs in addition to the larger affiliates. I was
> thinking that it would be good to have a track at WMCON devoted to small
> affiliates, but now I'm starting to wonder if there are so many of us, with
> interests and concerns hopefully now more visible on WMF's radar due to our
> increased numbers, that it would make sense to have separate conferences
> for the large and small affiliates so that undivided attention from WMF can
> be given more evenly to both size classes of affiliates for the duration of
> a conference. Any thoughts about those options, from Affcom, WMF, WMDE, or
> others?
> Pine

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