On 28/12/2015 18:00, Jane Darnell wrote:
All I said is that the wiki way works, that's all. You can't hide it when
someone tries to take over a project, and that is the reason we shouldn't
try to anticipate that with convoluted strategies. "Assume Good Faith" will
always win out over any strange misguided takeover strategy, which is why
governments that intend to do such things choose nowadays to just block
wikimedia altogether. It is not our wake-up call to take, but that of the
Kazakh people.

Facebook showed the other year that it could manipulate people by what it showed them in their feeds.

They didn't do this for fun, they did it to show their clients (advertisers, governments) that they could manipulate millions of people. You only need a small push in one direction or another to influence a large population. Doesn't matter if the push is to buy a particular soap, vote one way or another, or how you see a particular minority, or issue.

Do it to a naively trusted source and you have a triple word score jackpot^H^H^Hboot.

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