> A procedural question: Is the chapters' vote binding on the board, or is it
> the same as for the three community board seats, where the community
> members selected in the community vote are merely recommendations that the
> sitting board is free to accept or reject?

As with the community elections, the WMF board needs to appoint the elected
candidates by resolution, and reserves the power not to do so. (I'd be
surprised if as keen an observer of the WMF board as yourself wasn't
already aware of this - it is quite well documented.)

Indeed, there are some circumstances where they should definitely not do
so. Imagine a candidate won in the election and then it was subsequently
revealed they had committed a serious fraud. It would be ridiculous to
expect the WMF Board to seat them in the light of that news.

I take the point that the WMF is not greatly clear about its expectations
of trustee behaviour and a lot of it appears to rely on unwritten rules and
the views of other Board members. As a result it is not particular clear in
what range of circumstances the WMF board might exercise its power not to
appoint a candidate who'd been successful in the election, or to remove a
sitting Board member. (We have one case recently where people have been
outraged that someone was removed, and another case where people have been
outraged that it took a matter of weeks to remove someone else). However, I
think addressing that issue is rather more important than splitting the
semantic hairs about "selection", "election" and the like.


(selection/election/suggestion/whatever facilitator)
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