>... there is zero chance that the president will be able to censor
> the private sector.

If you mean the U.S. private sector, you're right. But otherwise, the
U.S. President is allowed to take a whole lot of actions which can
effectively censor non-citizens, and I've got some bad news pertaining
to one in particular involving compliance with European privacy
regulations which could potentially result in the deletion of records
including accounts of European citizens from hosting providers such as
Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please see:


"Enforcing privacy policies that specifically 'exclude persons who are
not United States citizens or lawful permanent residents,' while aimed
at enhancing domestic immigration laws, effectively invalidates
America's part of the Privacy Shield agreement, opens the current
administration up to sanctions by the EU and could lead our allies
across the Atlantic to suspend the agreement outright."

If Google is forced to delete all the personally identifying
information of European citizens because the President ordered U.S.
federal agencies to stop enforcing privacy policies, that would
effectively be an act of censorship on a scale without historical
precedent, would it not?

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