As I know there should be a disaster recovery plan within US, but the question is to know if the risk assessment includes also the political issues and the option to move the data centers outside US in case of political risks.

It's not my competence, but in several points there is a description of a plan of disaster recovery.

The concerns in this case are more connected with the legal consequences connected with the placement of data centers in US.

At least for Switzerland, Commons is absolutely a *no competitive media repository* cause the application of very restrictive US law besides any change that can happen with an election and the consequent change of the the political scenario.

The real problem is to know how political aspects are considered in this risk assessment and what are the plans to mitigate or to resolve them because we know that we have to follow the US law, but this answer is becoming more and more unsatisfying.

Kind regards

On 27.01.2017 04:33, Romaine Wiki wrote:
This is just the first week of this president!

I am 100% sure everyone in the Wikimedia movement is willing to make sure
Wikimedia faces no damage whatsoever, including in WMF, but to me this
still starts to get concerning.

If we as Wikimedia movement think that free knowledge, free speech, freedom
of information, etc are important, I would think that the location where
the organisation is based is that country where liberty is the largest, I
do not know where this is but it is definitely not the US.

To my impression WMF is stuck in the US, so I do not believe they would
actually move when the danger grows.

But I think it is possible to make sure risks are spread over the world.
Certainly as we are an international movement that intends to cover the
knowledge of the whole humanoid civilisation.

To come to a conclusion, I think WMF and the Wikimedia movement should
think about a back-up plan if it actually goes wrong.

If you do not agree with me: that is perfectly fine, that's your right and
should be protected.

Thank you.

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