As I'm looking at that talk page, I see a situation which looks like no one
will "win", which is the opposite of how I would like discussions about
policy to go in the ideal world.

Trying to salvage that situation is more than I can take on at this time.
My hunch is that if the RfC is approved, even if I would change parts of
it, it'll be something that I can mostly accept and to which I may propose
amendments to the future. A more difficult web of problems will be the
relationships that are fraying and the accusations that have been going
back and forth. I don't have time to investigate all that now, and even if
I did, I'm not sure that it would do much good.

I think it would be helpful, and would be appropriate, for WMF employees to
*support* conversations like the development of CoCs in places like
Phabricator. But trying to *lead* those conversations is different matter.

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