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> Leila Zia <le...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> > […]
> > On a separate note to those of you who contribute to technical spaces and
> > are not happy about how some aspects have gone:
> > Matthew and a few other people have been trying /really hard/ to make
> > Wikimedia's technical spaces better. You know that embarking on such a
> path
> > is very difficult: it requires spending many many hours of your time
> (read
> > life) on it, elaborating, deliberating, documenting, discussing things
> with
> > people from different paths of life, etc. They have been doing it for
> > months now. It's my understanding that they are doing this not to
> exercise
> > power over others but to make our technical spaces better, to make them
> > more enjoyable to contribute in.
> > For all of us who contribute in technical spaces, we should remember: We
> > may not agree with every step they take, but we all owe it to them to
> help
> > them on this path. What they are doing is a good thing and that's
> something
> > that sometimes gets lost in these lengthy conversations.
> This is a circular and illogical argument.  Just because
> someone has good intentions or invested time and effort does
> not mean that the path they chose is the right one to take.
> And if someone is steering towards a cliff, encouraging peo-
> ple to keep pushing the cart to honour the navigator's dedi-
> cation is self-destructive.

I agree with everything you say above, and I'd like to clarify something in
response to your first sentence, as reading that and re-reading the latter
part of my initial post, I realize I may have signaled something that I
didn't mean to:

I didn't mean to say that since people have spent a lot of time on task X,
we need to help them finish it. I meant to say the following:

* I wanted to ask everyone involved in these discussions to have more
empathy towards one another. Things sometimes don't go well when we start
sending back-and-forth emails on this list, and on this thread
specifically, we've already started some loaded statements. My request was
to please remember that there is a human on the other side reading your
message, most likely operating based on good faith: this person is,
hopefully, making decisions based on logic, but he/she does have emotions,
let's keep that in mind.


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