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> I love it, although I suspect that 1B wouldn't be enough. The industry of
> for-profit academic publishing is probably worth much more than that, and
> it won't give up easily.
> Not that I don't support the general idea, but the resistance will be hard.

I agree with you, but we're not starting from scratch.
It's more than 30 years that the Open Access movement is pushing for a new
scholarship, a lot of battles
have been won, and there is a huge amount of literature, documentation and
experience, about that.
1B is nothing, compared to the billions of profit made by the company.
But I reckon it would be enough, properly spent, to push a single point of
failure of the system.
Of course, I don't know it yet, and I don't have a plan right now.
But I'm quite confident that 1B $ could do the trick.

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