Brad Jorsch (Anomie) wrote:
>Personally, I really dislike banners that try to pretend to be content.
>This one makes it look like the page is an article titled "To all our
>readers in the U.S." rather than a page with a banner on it.

This type of design is similar to, if not precisely, "native advertising"
and it should be shunned as the unethical and completely unwelcome
practice that it is.

The issue of injecting advertisements into the content area of articles
has come up repeatedly on this mailing list and elsewhere. As has the
issue of hostilely overtaking the viewing area of an article with an
obnoxious pop-up banner demanding money, not unlike ransomware. I believe
we're even still setting a cookie to hide advertisements from people who
have recently donated money. It doesn't seem like a very far stretch to
darkly think of this type of behavior as extortive and pay-to-play.


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