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> As a Commoner, I can tell we certainly are, James, please apply here:
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Administrators
> Even if your sysop actions are rather occasional or seasonal, or focused on
> a certain topic, like mine, all help is very much welcomed there.
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That has not been my experience.  I recently wanted to help reduce the
load, in my volunteer capacity, by becoming a Commons admin focused on
undeletion requests (which ties in with my volunteer work as an OTRS agent,
and would save me and Admins the time of filing and handling a COM:UDR
request).  Despite my thousands of contributions to Commons, my track
record in the movement, and my understanding of copyright, a small majority
opposed. Some of them specifically said they don't want admins focused on a
certain topic, and others wanted to see me active in deletion discussions
(specifically) before they would consider accepting my help.  This does
suggest there is a certain reluctance to give the admin bit even to very
low-risk volunteers like me.

I certainly did not feel my help was welcomed.

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