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> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 11:43 AM, Sarah Ewart<sarahew...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Before non-members can edit the WM-AU website, a new resolution from
> the committee would be needed.

I agree the we would need committee support and a resolution changing our
website management and setting up a structure and process to facilitate
management of non-member editing. But it's worth noting that we do currently
have one or two non-members with accounts who got their accounts in the
early days, so I'm not sure that it's strictly true to say that a non-member
can't edit without a new resolution.

> > However, I feel that Brianna raised some important issues with regard to
> > members v non-members editing that can't just be cast aside.
> Brianna's suggestion is feasible, if a committee is willing to take on
> the extra work involved in managing the new account requests.  As
> there is no monetary disincentive, the process of accepting
> non-members would require verification of wiki-identity where
> applicable; there are plenty of people who would love to waste our
> time in order to have a few lulz.  And as these users will not be
> members, there will be no compensation for time and effort of whoever
> is handling new non-member account setup.

Just to clarify my comment  that I thought the issues Brianna raised were
important and shouldn't be swept away by advocates of unrestricted editing,
as that seems to be what you're responding to here, I was referring to the
Brianna's concerns about undue influence from non-members, delineating
members space, etc. I wasn't commenting on the suggested compromise at the
end of her email. I remain unconvinced there is really a need for loosening
up editing access that would justify spending anymore time on this and I
really feel there are more important priorities at this point. But it would
be nice to have a page maybe like the Wikichix contact page (
http://wikichix.org/wiki/Special:Contact) which could be linked to on pages
and would allow non-members who go to the site to RSVP for events, etc, to
leave us messages.

> If someone indicated they were willing to pay $40 in order to edit our
> website, I would be quite worried about their motivations.

Of course. I think we all would be...
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