As many of you know, the National Library and its Trove service include a
WP citation code in the "cite this" drop down in all search results (along
with permalink, and various standardised footnoting styles). At the
Library we are currently in the midst of a very broad tech and
database integration process - part of which is revisiting what kinds of
citations are useful where. I'm going to a meeting next week to discuss
where the WP citation sits within this and I'd really appreciate some

1) What effect does the Visual Editor have on the provision of this kind of
code. Is it even useful anymore to provide pre-filled wiki markup?
2) Which kinds of results are useful to have this service provided, and
which are irrelevant? I believe the best use-case is for individual
newspaper articles within Trove. However, I believe that there is little/no
value in providing this service for individual book results in the NLA
search (because WP just wants the ISBN, not the fact that it's in any
individual library's collection). However - what about manuscripts, music
scores, unpublished collections of personal papers, digitised maps.... Is
it useful to have this service provided in those circumstances?

-Liam / Wittylama
(In this case I'm asking from my professional capacity as employee of the

Peace, love & metadata
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