David Gerard: OK, so now "wikiquette" and "personal attacks" have
morphed into "disruptive". Is that because you'd have trouble finding
personal attacks or abuses of wikiquette among my posts to this
mailing list? Where are they? You're making these accusations in a
public forum, so we deserve to know specifically what you believe
these personal attacks are.
If "disruptive" is being interpreted in such a way as to silence
anyone who asks questions about chapter governance and transparency,
the matter needs to be brought to the WMF's attention. Is this also
the reason WMAU is going to back to a secret mailing list?
I note the violent imagery being tossed around by several people: to
"kick off" a mailing list. That and the treatment I received last year
appear to amount to personal bullying. I believe it should stop if
WMAU has any self-respect.

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 On 17 March 2014 14:56, John Mark Vandenberg  wrote:
 > On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 10:45 PM, David Gerard  wrote:

 >> FWIW, kicking people off the list in such circumstances has
 >> been acceptable on Wikimedia lists, with or without notice. Though
 >> notice is nice and adds to transparency.

 > Really? You guys have banned regular Wikimedia contributions, who
 > not banned on any project and have made useful contributions to the
 > chapter, from the mailing list without notice, and left them on the
 > ban list for months without telling anyone? i.e. put their email
 > address on the mailman 'ban_list'?

 No, I neither said nor meant that. I meant more broadly, moderating
 kicking sufficiently disruptive users as needed.

 - d.

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