> Perhaps that in 2007 www.wikimedia.ch <http://www.wikimedia.ch> was a
> goog tool for the needs of 2007. Wikipedia has grown since 2007,
> Wikimedia CH as well. Now we have contacts profesionals. We
> needprofessional tools for that.

Well, as far as I know is the last conclusion we met on the board 
mailinglist is that the contents are ok but the design needs to be 
renewed. Nothing else did I say in this mail.

> I'm sorry I'm not a web designer. And I
> think it's a real job. Actually I don't speak about www.wikimedia.ch
> <http://www.wikimedia.ch> with contacts because I think it's a not a web
> site for communication.

Well, in the page you set up a year and a half ago I can't participate 
as I don't speak french. I never actually understood what it really 
meant to say.

The new page you set up recently  to collect the features of the new 
website basically is a list of what the current website does. Plus that 
we have met the consent that we basically only need a better design. So 
what else should I add? I have already made my point.

What I don't understand and what upsets me is that we are now starting 
the discussion all over again without making any progress. All I hear is 
rant - rant - rant. And of course everything is just shit, my personal 
fault etc. pp. And of course you expect me to have that all done 
already, because you are ranting since more than a year now.

Actually I am okay with the website even though the design could be 
better. I have offered to facilitate the process. That's all I can do.

If you don't like the website, it is on you to define that precisely and 
offer improvement, instead of ranting.


Manuel Schneider

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