Nitika, I saw your draft edits about IEP campus ambassador syllabus on meta
at the link below

but I felt that your syllabus seemed to repeat in essence whatever had
happened earlier. Perhaps before redesigning your syllabus, you may like to
decide en bloc, ie at a higher level, what changes you want in the overall

For example, should the campus ambassadors have four days training instead
of two? How much editting should be taught? What skills do they need to
know? ( Needs to be mapped out). After getting all input, we should have
developed something broad which says something like (for example) -

*Campus ambassadors will need to undergo six days of training - in three
sessions. In session 1 (two days) they learn about Wikipedia, becoming an
editor and intro to CA program. In session 2 (two days), some weeks later
they hone their editing skills, knowledge & competence and learn all things
necessary to help editors. In the interim, they do some assignments, like
bringing articles to GA, citation,etc which are of direct relevance to
students and their assignments. In the last two day session,they get
involved hands-on in the full gamut of activities that CA involves with
role-playing skill development etc.*

After that and only after making something like that at its broadest level,
should you flesh out the details.

I would strongly recommend getting community involvement in developing this
broad plan of action.

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur
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