What George wrote.

It can be annoying to replace equipment, but, the hassle of trying to talk the customer into replacing it is just not worth it.

With 200 subs, I am replacing an average of 1 radio a month.

Not too bad at all....


Blair Davis
West Michigan Wireless ISP

George wrote:

JohnnyO wrote:

We're coming into our 3rd year of operation soon. I am curious how others are doing combat against the replacement / repair / service call costs associated with having to replace CPE end equipment.

I was thinking about offering a service plan like DirecTV / Cellular Companies etc, but not sure how to introduce or impiliment this.

Help and suggestions would be appreciated.



I am eating it.
I bet if I told every customer who's radio died that they had to pay for a new one, we'd have less subs.

I own all the radios and accept the responsibility.

another way I look at it, it's cheaper to give an existing sub a 100.00 radio and get 500 for the next 12 months than it is to go without revenue and have to pay for advertising to get new subs to replace the one that I just lost.

But, it's the way I do this in this market.


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