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If you take this line reasoning a few iterations further, it can easily become a "that @[EMAIL PROTECTED] competitor is riding my network for free to access my customers, so I'm just gonna cut them off" type of discussion

Let me show you again what I responded to:

If you think about it, an argument can be made that preference of
one's own traffic (or depreffing competition traffic) is not that
much different than

You seem to be taking this beyond what anyone has stated. There may be those that say the things that you claim above, however what you said was that "...preference of one's own traffic...is not that much different than..." and you went on to show a link to a story that was NOT EVEN CLOSE to the same thing. That is what I was pointing out. Not your "few iterations further" argument (which, BTW, I think is out of proportion, too). In other words, you are pointing out something to which I did not respond. You are defending something I am not attacking.

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