Thanks Blair.
She was the one who I talked to. I understand it was an old order, but I still didn't get it. It was my first order too, so I have no history with them. They must think I am trying to pull one over. I keep my gear in three places. Living room, basement, and garage. The wisp-router stuff was all together. Even so I searched every cardboard box on the property. I don't have it. And I do recall only the one board from when I opened the box.

Blair Davis wrote:

I have been dealing with wisp-router/FEN for years. Never had any problems.

Who are you talking to out there? Call back and speak to Beverly... (I may have mis-spelled that)

She should get it fixed.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Anyone ever have trouble with them. FYI They just informed me it is my fault they didn't ship me out what I paid for. I've never done anything with Mikrotik. I ordered what a friend told me to, I don't know what anything looks like, I assumed when I looked in the box it was all there. Well, I have Butch lined up an am ready to use it and...imagine that, I'm missing parts. Maybe I didn't call within the first 7 days. Who gives a fart! Be warned. I just got screwed. Credit card dispute to the rescue again. Ahh, this just pisses me off. I should get what I paid for. I don't lie. I know I didn't get the part. Speaking of not getting it. Don't these people know the customer (ME) is always right? I can't get away with this crap with my subs, that's for sure. Just so ya'll know, when I first called, the guy I talked to said it looked like it might not have been shipped. They would look into is and call me back. I was happy and thinking how I would post to the list and say how fast they helped me and solved my problem. Nope. Not today. I
was promptly called back and blamed for their poor quality control.

Also, where can I order a RB564 Daughterboard to replace the one the "ups guy must have stole"? Not wisp-router. Need it overnight.

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