Quite the contrary, I am one of those "greedy" republicans who wants to "get the money, keep the money".

I never asked for anything free, and really never asked to subsidize anyone else's free crap, and I sure don't like people's hands in my pockets.

I'm pretty sure I subscribe to the "if you can't do it profitably, don't do it." method. That means NO government money to run business. That's what competition and open and free marketplaces are for. i.e. screw airlines and railways, cable and dsl that all need subsidies to stick it to someone else trying to make a profit.

Kurt Fankhauser wrote:

You sound like some democrat living in suburbia, gimmie gimmie gimmie, I
want all this free money but don't want to pay taxes. You can build a
successful WISP without having some sort of handout.

Kurt Fankhauser
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I know you all will say "no, no, no!" but I'm saying "taxes, taxes, taxes are coming if we fill in those forms".

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

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I agree with the need to register broadband operations in the US. I
I can't imagine why.   There isn't a single good thing to come from it.
Bribing the govenrment by giving them more than they need is
counterproductive.  You never get what you want and you get lots you

think it needs to be done. I would not agree with using this
to do anything bad. It is a difference of opinion.
Giving it to uncle sam is inherently bad.   It is the duty of any
to keep government in check and deprived of as much money and
information as
possible.    Government is not the provider of the people, it is not
friend of the people.  It is to be our servant and subservient to us,
the one we have is violating every aspect of that notion...and now you
it to stray even farther into my life.


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