I do not want to pay tax on the current part-15 spectrum. I find it unfair to change the rules half way into a game. How about opening new part-15 spectrum with those rules. Someone said to give first right of way to the first operator on a specific channel. This is a bad idea for the current p-15 spectrum. There should also be rules on this "new" spectrum preventing one operator from having a lock on more then 30% of the spectrum in ant given area or we will see people dumping AP's and doing nothing useful just like the evil patent holding companies. It should also come with a 6month or less "use it or lose it" tag. If you get a license for first rights in area XCV then you better get to using it or let someone else in to use it. Ive got my asbestos skivvies so flame on.

Jeromie Reeves

John Scrivner wrote:

If I read this right it does not specifically mention unlicensed spectrum but does refer to spectrum not already auctioned which could mean whitespace. We probably have a chance to spin this to our advantage unless you guys all would rather just bitch and moan.

Bob Moldashel wrote:

Interesting how the 5 Ghz spectrum gets resolved right after they come up with the taxing idea. And one needs to wonder who came up with the great idea of taxing unlicensed spectrum. It surely wasn't George hyimself.....


Brian Webster wrote:

Well, it does not surprise me that the government has decided to tax the unlicensed spectrum. Today the Bush administration announced a plan to tax Wi-Fi and other unlicensed spectrum. It is not clear how they will do it yet but the process is in motion. That's the bad news, the good news is they reached agreement on the 5.4 GHz spectrum and that should become available once equipment gets certified. Check the RCR news site for the full stories. Oh well, I suspected that it would not last forever the truly free use of
the spectrum.


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