Google GTC tech support. They are reasonable.  Level 1 and level 2 techs allow 
them to get their costs down.  If you have something specifically for wisps 
that would be more valuable.

But there is a lot involved in doing this on. As a new customer of yours, I 
would expect you to familiarize your techs with my way of doing things so you 
can be useful for my customers when they call.

My business partner owns a call center and we have looked at doing this a 
little without much interest in taking the plunge to do it.

GTC had a hefty startup fee (I think it was $5k) to have one of their managers 
get familiar with my system and develop training for their L1 & L2 techs.  Then 
they took the number of subscribers we had and made the base monthly fee ($1 x 
# of subs).  That gives you (1 minute x # of subs) of 'tech time' per month.  
Any overage would be about $.60 per minute for that month.

Not a bad deal.  I didn't feel that the diversity of my system lent itself well 
to a 3rd party tech support at the time, and since then everything I have 
chosen to deploy has had a consideration given to 'Call Center Tech Support'.  
Whether we do the tech support or not, it is worth it to spend time and money 
to streamline tech support methods so we can hire support personnel that are 
further down on the food chain.

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I have a customer that just installed a $100k phone system and is lookin 
for other uses.

Having experience in both call center mangement and tech support department
creation / operations and management, I've got half a mind to sit a 
couple of
technical people down and start up a technical support call center and
answering service, with WISPs and ISPs in mind...

I've seen outrageous prices for this service, when lookin for my own 
and could probably beat a lot of pricing out there just by leveraging my 
company's purchase...

Any input ?  How much is too much when it comes to per call / per minute 
charges, etc....

Feedback would be great, and WISPA members would get discounts for using 
the service...


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