George Rogato wrote:

According to the government, Fisher admitted he used an administrative password to break into SBT's network on Feb. 28, 2005. Once in the network, he plant malicious code that directed the radio tower computer to cut off Wi-Fi service to the company's users.

Remember, be kind to your sysop, for he is subtle and quick to anger. :)

I'm curious as to what kind of attack would require running a service call to every end-user.

* If he just changed the tower's SSID, fine, change it back. :)
* If he had some automatic way of changing every customer's SSID, just change the tower's SSID to match.

The only thing I can think of would be if he had some automated way to not only reconfigure every customer's radio, but also to change every single one of them to different random settings. That's certainly possible, but ouch.

David Smith

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