The really interesting part of this:

The attack cut off service for one woman who was waiting for an e-mail notifying her about the availability of an organ transplant that she required, according to prosecutors. Because of her critical status, her provider gave her priority status and restored her access within 24 hours.

"Had her medical providers sent her an e-mail notifying her of a suitable organ donor and had she not responded because of her lost Internet access, she might have lost her priority for an organ, thus potentially extending the period she would have to wait for another donor," wrote prosecutors in the indictment.

People are starting to believe their email is guaranteed and that their computers can be entrusted with life saving information. Worse yet, it appears these prosecutors would have trumped this up and made hay out of it had her mail not gotten there. So in another context - what if the stock pump and dump scammers started using wrapper text that mentioned organ donations to the point of poisoning the Bayesian databases of all spamassassin enabled mail servers? What if the mail has been blocked outright due to other spam filtering already in place? Or put into a quarantine and she didn't look in her quarantine box in time? Or if the sending server of the mail was on an RBL due to some other user at the site sending spam to spamcop spamtraps for example?

Drama is drama. I think what this guy did was reprehensible and he certainly deserves the clink, but what he did is not any kind of threat or risk to health and safety - the stupidity of using email and computers for life saving communications IS.



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