Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:
Grin, while I've certainly noticed Brad's almost religious dislike of Alvarion I do have to side with him on this. I just called Ben Moore at PacWireless yesterday to bitch about the new Sat. arm mounts he sent me. They have some bizarre metric nut on the dang things. Now I have to carry FOUR tools up the ladder.

Why can't everyone use 7/16, 12mm? Those are the same size!!!! People have the same size bolts, it's just the damned nut size that they keep screwing with.

If there's a standard out there, please stick with it. We have enough things to remember to do without custom wiring standards or strange default username/password combos!

BINGO, we found this out yesterday and hope that this is a temporary thing.

Hope fully Ben is reading this.. Not a good thing to change.


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