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There is some important info missing here.

How many are actually running. What do they cost? How much do they generate/save?

How many are under construction?

How many are still in the planning stages?

Calling the planning stage deployments, deployments seems less than genuine to me. I'm always told that my potential customer base counts for very little, it's only my actual customers that matter. At least to the bankers :-).

I guess you missed this link on the page above the summary table.

But if you are really interested to find out more detailed information you will need to read more. There are many case studies on the site click a link or two and you may learn a thing or two about municipal networks.

Jeff just said that he saw something like 200 ap's from ONE building the other day. Were any of those commercial providers? Why, one must ask, is the city (I'm assuming it was a city) putting a network into the area?

Why would you assume it was the city? The announcement was made on Friday and published on Monday. There would not be a single AP put up yet.
Here is another link you might be interested in reading.

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