Where are you getting 751's now? They seem pretty rare in the wild.


On 4/26/2012 4:27 PM, Justin Wilson wrote:
My Take on routers.

Off the shelf routers are the #1 trouble issue on the Zig network. Anything from gaming issues, to speed issues, to reliability issues. They account for roughly 92% of all calls. The first thing we have the customer do after reboots of everything is bypass the router. Most of the time this shows the customer it's their router, or something behind it.

In our past life we started out selling routers. We looked for the cheapest ones we could find, which at the time were dlink. What we found was customers then considered that our equipment. "Well the router you sold me went out." was something we heard a lot. Or "I reset the router now you have to come out and configure it"

What we are doing this time around is we have only one officially approved router. The Mikrotik 751. We have a local computer shop which stocks them and sets them up. What he does as far as support is between him and the customer. I am pretty sure he tells them he is just a retailer for the product and if they want his help he will gladly charge them his hourly rate. All about expectations up front.

By doing all of this we are not in the router business, but the customer gets a solid product and cuts down on our calls. In turn we have a happier customer base. And if need be, we can actually login to their router and do torch, etc.


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    Hey guys,

    What are some of you providing for customer wireless routers if
    you include them in the install as I do?  I currently have a batch
    of 10 Ubiquiti Air Routers and the first two I pulled out are
    giving me some problems.  Could be a bad batch.

    I am also looking at TP-Link as they are about $30 on Amazon with
    external antennas and pretty good reviews.

    TP-Link TL-WR841N

    What are you guys using?

-- Darin Steffl
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