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From: Hassan Schroeder
It's *integrated* with the video, graphics, sound. Let's say you're
teaching bicycle mechanics, and you have a video that demonstrates
replacing a cog in a cassette. As the component is disassembled, you
want to show the name and details of each piece as text to one side,
and maybe warnings/cautions on the other, with a static exploded
view of the assembly above where each component is highlighted as
it's being removed in the video.

CM - that sounds useful but MY preference would also be to have a text based
"cheat sheet" to scan the steps then link out to the multimedia detail.
Start simple, offer the rich option, track how much the rich option is
accessed to determine its usefulness and cost justification.

How about focusing on using multimedia to add value, to create a more
effective learning experience, as I hopefully demonstrated above?

CM - As long as there's a recognition that using multimedia at all times
doesn't always add value,  it's fine with me.

Christie Mason

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