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Christie Mason wrote:

> Yes, I've tried Flex and abandoned the effort.

> ...  Plus, there's the maintenance issue.  Simple example I always
> use is what if you had to change a corporate logo in every Flash file?  To
> do that with a dynamic database approach you change the file once and
> it.  To change it in every Flash file...

HS .. you do exactly the same thing, because it's not "in every Flash
file" at all.

CM - I wasn't talking about Flex.  I was referring to Flash.  I can see that
I wasn't clear when I changed thoughts.

HS Yes, you obviously didn't get very far with Flex -- so, why are you
arguing the (de)merits of a technology you don't understand?

CM -  Instead of humphing at me, educate me and by extension everyone else.
What does Flex do better, faster, cheaper than a text based database with
links to graphics, video/Flash, etc using PHP, ASP (scripts) or ASP.NET
(framework)?  Plus, I'd be curious as to availability of the Flex server in
remote hosts. I haven't seen any offer it, is it still so pricey(?), but I
also haven't been looking for it.  As a user of Cold Fusion many years ago
I'd also be interested in learning more about its current market share.  How
is AIR doing?  At first AIR was intriguing but then I haven't met any need
that it fulfilled.

Hassan, I also have a theory that I'd like to test with you.  Do you use
Macs as your primary computer or PC?  I think the very visual are drawn
towards using Macs and Flash.  It's fine to be visually oriented, I'm not
using it as a judgment call because I think it's just as difficult for
highly visual people to remember that not everyone shares their preference
as it is for those that aren't highly visual to remember to use graphics for
those that are highly visual.

I'm not a highly visual person, I even prefer reading data to being given a
graph.  I don't see the value of most rich interface methods because it's
been my experience than when people start focusing on making the
interface/content flash around, then usability is degraded and content
quality is decreased because first the budget bucks go towards "make it
sing/dance" before taking the time to build a solid structure that easily
creates and maintains useful content.

So back to the original, still unanswered question.  What are the advantages
of using Flash (Flex etal)?

Christie Mason

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