Christie Mason wrote:

CM - I wasn't talking about Flex.  I was referring to Flash.  I can see that
I wasn't clear when I changed thoughts.

And again, missing the point: Flash is a *platform* with which you
can do a variety of things. It's not 1998 any more, and Flash is
only about Dancing Hampsters(sic) if *you* want it to be.

CM -  Instead of humphing at me, educate me and by extension everyone else.
What does Flex do better, faster, cheaper than a text based database with
links to graphics, video/Flash, etc

It's *integrated* with the video, graphics, sound. Let's say you're
teaching bicycle mechanics, and you have a video that demonstrates
replacing a cog in a cassette. As the component is disassembled, you
want to show the name and details of each piece as text to one side,
and maybe warnings/cautions on the other, with a static exploded
view of the assembly above where each component is highlighted as
it's being removed in the video.

You might be able to do that with the JavaScript-ActionScript bridge
and plain HTML but I guarantee it would be a /lot/ clumsier. :-)

Plus, I'd be curious as to availability of the Flex server in
remote hosts. I haven't seen any offer it, is it still so pricey(?)

No idea, check with Adobe. My last Flex project was a couple years
ago, and I'm pretty sure they've changed the licensing since then.

And there's also OpenLaszlo, of course.

Hassan, I also have a theory that I'd like to test with you.  Do you use
Macs as your primary computer or PC?  I think the very visual are drawn
towards using Macs and Flash.

I don't think it's about me :-)

The point is using the proper tool for the job, and any application
with multimedia aspects is a candidate for a Flash-based solution.

I'm not a highly visual person, I even prefer reading data to being given a

I spend most of my time in a text editor or bash, regardless of
what platform I'm using. But that's probably not germane to this
discussion, either.

I don't see the value of most rich interface methods because it's
been my experience than when people start focusing on making the
interface/content flash around

How about focusing on using multimedia to add value, to create a more
effective learning experience, as I hopefully demonstrated above?

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