John ...

Here's a link that confirms your suggested use:

FWIW .. running a Tx6 transmission throught jt9code.exe using 'CQ KN3ILZ/VE1 FN00' returns a recognition that's its a type 2 compound call, so it should be 'clickable'

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 4/12/2018 11:51 AM, John wrote:
Hi Claude,

The link you refer to contains:

9.2 The operator of an amateur station licensed by the Government of the United 
States shall identify the station:

        • (a) by transmitting the call sign assigned to the licensee’s station 
by the Federal Communications Commission;
        • (b) if transmitting:
                • (i) by radiotelephony, by adding the word "mobile" or 
“portable,” or
                • (ii) by radiotelegraphy, by adding an oblique character 
(“/”); and
        • (c) by adding the Canadian amateur call sign prefix set out in Column 
I of an item of Schedule IV for the geographical location of the station set 
out in Column II of that item.

which suggests that the correct form is:    K1ABC/VE1

Postpend not prefix.

— John G4KLA

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