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It is either lack of code or just bad example in the documentation:

"QSOs involving *Type 2* compound callsigns might look like either of the following sequences:

where country is not being recognized properly for this callsign in WSJT-X 
102200 21 0.0 970 ~ CQ K1ABC/VE1 FN75  !U.S.A.
As it is up to local authorities to grant a licence, probably some extended 
support is required in the code to recognize country properly for type 2 
compound callsigns.
73 Igor UA3DJY

Hi Igor,

I can resolve this situation a little better than currently but there will always be some ambiguity, for example some callsigns like G4W/RI9F are hard to analyse and correctly determine the effective prefix.

As part of this I need to form a list of commonly used suffixes that are not used to represent a DXCC entity. Currently I have:

/0 /1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /P /QRP /FD

/A /M and /MM are ambiguous but as the UK is CEPT which recommends using a prefix I am happy to interpret /M as meaning mobile and /MM as meaning maritime mobile rather than operating in the UK. The same applies to /A meaning alternative location instead of U.S.A..

*Question to all*: What other commonly used suffixes are there that are not also used as country prefixes? Note that four character suffixes without any digits, like /JOTA, can be ignored as they cannot be encoded in the WSJT-X protocols.


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